Great Women's Clothing Made in the USA

Is buying women’s clothing made in the USA something you want to start doing more of? Or do you want to learn the benefits of Made in the USA? Continue to read below to learn more about why American made clothing is important!

Why is American made clothing important?

Provides jobs & fair labor practices

When you produce items made in the USA you are guaranteeing jobs for thousands of people. What ends up happening is that the more money that is invested into buying American made products means that the more money will end up getting put back into manufacturing these made in the USA items. As you create a demand for products made in America that means these companies will need more employees to get that job done. Which ends up meaning more job opportunities for the USA.

Women’s clothing made in the USA also has higher labor and fair wage standards than foreign countries do. So when you buy clothes at a cheaper price and from a billion dollar corporation, you are most likely paying for garment construction in a foreign country that does not have the same level of control and transparency as America does. Many foreign countries and their factories also still participate in unfair child labor and unhealthy working conditions.

Higher quality items

According to, “High quality, superb craftsmanship, and a superior product are three defining elements behind the phrase ‘Made in the USA’”. When you buy from popular clothing brands that manufacture their clothes overseas, they give you no guarantee that the items you are buying are high quality. There also is no guarantee that what you are buying is made well or will last you years to come.

When you purchase items made in the USA there might be a higher price tag to pay, but you know that the item is of higher quality as well as a long lasting quality. Typically high quality women’s clothing brands do manufacture in the USA so they can keep their quality as well as treat their workers with fair labor practices.

Better for the environment

Typically American made clothing brands are dedicated to positive growth of our planet. They will use eco-friendly materials that are not harmful to the environment. American made companies are also dedicated to being conscious of how they are disposing of items, while also making sure if there is a way to re-use that item, they will.

If you think about it, when you purchase from a brand that manufactures clothes overseas, they have to ship all of their items thousands of miles across the world. This process burns a high amount of fossil fuels and throws greenhouse gasses into the air when they travel this distance. Also, when items are made in a foreign factory overseas, some countries do not have the proper regulations to make sure that they are keeping the water and air clean with less pollution.

Why Kiya Tomlin is committed to producing in the USA

All Kiya Tomlin clothing is made in the USA, and more specifically in their workshop in Pittsburgh, PA. Kiya Tomlin believes that every business should have control over how their items get produced. Even their bamboo/cotton/spandex fabric is made specially for them at a factory in LA. The fabric then gets shipped to the Kiya Tomlin Workshop in Pittsburgh where it is made into her clothing. Kiya Tomlin believes in fair business practices as well as helping to improve the environment as much as they can. Even the packaging they use is recyclable, biodegradable glassine bags. They have also gone paperless to reduce the amount of waste they produce.

So if you can, when you shop for your next women’s wardrobe addition online, try to find American made companies. You will most likely get a higher quality item as well as support a business that is committed to the environment.

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